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Finite Human - Infinite Humanity:

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Finite Human - Infinite Humanity poses the ultimate questions: who are we Humans on Earth, how did we get here, what is our place in the Universe, of what are we made & what can be known about our material and spiritual purposes. The narrative surveys strategically organized (while intentionally simplified) modern scientific facts for religionists which answer all of these ultra-serious questions about life in order to compare and contrast them with the ancient development of world religions resulting in the half a dozen or so faiths native to the proverbial four corners of the globe. Thus having demonstrated that religions offer regionally-relative answers as human cultural traditions rather than absolute scientific facts valid ubiquitously throughout the Universe, the author leaves all of us, after completing the book, scientifically enabled to naturally re-assess these ultimate questions in light of modern knowledge so everyone can arrive at their own intellectually honest & more profound spiritual purposes for themselves.

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MGH Kidney Transplant Sketch

My MGH Operating Room memory scratch-sketch for Donor Family:

MGH told me that it is customary to send something as a thank you to Donor Family. I thought this mental image of their loved one's kidney radiating out of the bowl (which it totally did due to lights shone into the bowl) would be great.

I think this would be give a positive glow to the Donor family members.

The Request: Redo this sloppy scratchy hand drawing of my memory but which is "cleaned up". All my human figures are wrongly proportioned and hard to make out, or they just look poorly done. Also the real surgical masks (not CV19 masks) appear to be helmets the way I drew them so this is wrong too. In reality the surgical resident in middle was very tall and scruffy bearded, surgeon on left was my lead Surgeon who is very short. I tried to put a clock on the wall showing that it was 9pm as it was, and might as well add in a fictional single day peel off calendar which shows a big 28 and somehow March and 2020 clear enough to make out from this distance. I invented the cabinets behind the gurney just to make it look like a real OR, and of course the legs on the gurney are completely idiotic the way I did them but they indicate how the gurney is adjustable in height. So there is artistic freedom to change all kinds of details.

The important items to be emphasized are the light emanating from the bowl, but don't show a little kidney in there like I did. I don't think that experiment worked. That looks unrealistic from vantage point of perspective. I couldn't see actually into the bowl, though I knew what was going on there. And then I am still up in the air as to the words Gift of Life or Gift of Light or something somewhere but that is what the kidney is, Light and Life.

I am currently thinking of just a black and white pencil or pen sketch to make it simple (since I have no facility for adding colors, but if that's your thing go for it), and then I would put it on a greeting card and mail that to my MGH RN who would then give it to Donor Family.

Soos B Hunt Art Page

Soos Art Work for Roman History

Please make just one drawing but our own copyright version of a certain part of any of the following as per our discussion. Use one or more you find most helpful for our task :)

Arabian Nabatea 1 | Arabian Nabatea 2 | Arabian Nabatea 3 | Arabian Nabatea 4 |
Arabian Nabatea 5 | Arabian Nabatea 6 | Arabian Nabatea 7 | Arabian Nabatea 8 |

Soos Art Work for FHIH

World Map of Religions

Caption: Distribution of World Religions across the Globe. As regions of the Globe have dominant Religions so the Religion a Human adopts is highly determined by their relative regional cultural customs, not by any absolute Reality valid ubiquitously across the Universe. Legend: slant right: Christianity, slant left: Muslim, Dots: Hindu, White: Buddhism/Confucianism

Venus of Hohle Fels or Schelklingen (35,000-40,000 years ago)

Wikipedia caption: Two views of the Venus of Hohle Fels figurine (height 6 cm (2.4 in)), which may have been worn as an amulet and is the earliest known, undisputed example of a depiction of a human being in prehistoric art

Lion Man of Germany (35,000 years ago)

Gobekli Tepe (11,600 years ago)

Egyptian God (4,000 years ago)

Cave Lions (33,000 years ago)

Cave Hands (9,300 years ago & March 2020)

Recent Art Work of Soos B Hunt


Martha in Alpine

Martha Maxine Bella Stella:

First photo I took during my 1986 San Diego visit when Maxine looks a mere weeks old pup. Rest are of Bella, Stella, the pair, Stella, Bella, Bella from recent texting in 2020/21.

Eventually I can have Nancy's painting of them here too!

Books by Rick Brown

Literary shingle of Rick Brown: RIBrownJr.com

American Faust:

American Faust poses the ultimate question: can someone born evil change to become good? Someone born good to evil? The answer lies in how much they love and are loved in return. The narrative serves up a villain, hero and damsel-in-distress in a fast paced story that delves into the existential angst of pursuing the American Dream -- and the price some are willing to pay to have it all.

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